Seeking a 2GO pilot program coach

2gopilotlogo.jpgWe are currently seeking a coach to provide support to the 10 awardees of our 2Generation Opportunities (2GO) grants. 

The 2GO coach will support each of the 2GO awardees with the following systems building components, to ensure:
  • The project remains focused and within scope, on time, and within budget.
  • The awardee incorporates the five core 2Gen components into 2GO to improve outcomes:  early childhood education; post-secondary and employment pathways; economic supports; health and well-being; and social capital.  
  • The awardee incorporates the 2Gen foundational principles: strengthening the workforce; fostering data integration; driving policy integration; honoring family voice and family participation; monitoring program implementation and continuous quality improvement; and a commitment to racial and gender equity.
  • The local facilitator or leader has support and guidance for implementing the collective impact or other collaborative approach.  
  • The innovation is grounded in best practice and research in child development, school success, adult literacy, mental health, workforce development, and is parent-informed and guided. 
  • The Joint Operating Agreements or Memorandums of Cooperation/Understanding are included with the business plan as proof of coordinated services.  
  • The awardees have guidance on the written work plans and reports. The required documents include: Interim Report due January 25, 2019; Business Plan due March 22, 2019; and Final Report due July 31, 2019. 
In addition to support for each awardee, the coach will also be responsible for:
  • Hosting an introductory webinar in December for participating communities to explain the initiative, planning process, key players, expectations, and supports available.
  • Facilitating information sharing and peer learning between all ten awardees through regular progress updates and other touchpoints.
  • Convening monthly meetings with key CDHS program staff to discuss awardees’ progress, key activities, successes, lessons learned and next steps.
  • Conducting regular check-in calls with each community to provide general support and guidance as well as connections to existing systemsbuilding efforts and stakeholders across the five 2Gen core components. 
  • Analyzing in-kind technical assistance available and contacting interested TA providers to determine how best to engage them in the planning process.
  • Guiding awardees in assessing how severe mental illness impacts the 2GO innovation and addressing these findings in the Business Plan.
  • Coordinating with assigned Subject Matter Expert on Opioid Use Disorder (OUD) to ensure that OUD community needs assessment is incorporated into each awardee’s Business Plan and the Final Report.
  • Designing and implementing statewide convening for all 10 awardees in April 2019.  Arrange speakers to inform 2GO innovations, including 2Gen components and research, collaboration or collective impact best practices, opioid use disorder, and other topics determined a priority learning area by the 10 awardees. 
  • Developing communication products for CDHS to share with Colorado, Ascend at the Aspen Institute, and other national stakeholders, and developing a digital presentation that highlights the 2GO planning process and results.

We are accepting applications for the coach position until Dec. 31. To apply, use the state Vendor Self Service website. Registered users can find the Documented Quote under DQ number 2019000409.