Report Abuse of an Older Adult

To make a report of suspected mistreatment, exploitation, or self-neglect of an at-risk adult, call the Adult Protective Services (APS) intake number for the county department of human services where the at-risk adult lives. 

APS offers protective services to prevent, reduce, or eliminate the current or potential risk of mistreatment, exploitation, or self-neglect to the at-risk adult using community-based services and resources, health care services, family and friends when appropriate, and other support systems.

What happens after you make a report

After county human services departments receive reports of mistreatment, exploitation and self-neglect of at-risk adults, they determine the need for an investigation or assessment. If the county determines that the report involves an at-risk adult and mistreatment, exploitation or self-neglect, they will initiate further investigation.
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Contact the Colorado APS Office at with further questions.