Prison Rape Elimination Act (PREA)

The Prison Rape Elimination Act (PREA), is a federal law that became effective August 20, 2012. PREA establishes a zero-tolerance standard against sexual abuse in adult prisons, jails, police lockups, private prisons, as well as juvenile facilities and community confinement facilities. The Act requires agencies to comply with national standards to eliminate sexual abuse. The standards include the prevention, detection and prosecution of any sexual abuse within juvenile facilities.

Colorado’s Commitment to PREA Compliance

The CDHS Division of Youth Services (DYS) has a zero-tolerance policy relating to staff sexual misconduct, juvenile sexual abuse, sexual harassment, and consensual juvenile sexual misconduct. It is DYS policy to fully cooperate in the investigation and prosecution of those who are involved in such conduct, if in fact a crime has been committed. 

All juveniles placed in the custody of DYS shall be maintained in facilities that promote healthy and safe environments. All facilities responsible for the custody of juveniles shall actively implement this policy to prohibit and prevent any staff sexual misconduct, juvenile sexual misconduct, abusive sexual contact, nonconsensual sex, or consensual sex regardless of a juvenile’s age, sexual orientation, or sexual identification.

DYS designated a PREA Coordinator to oversee, coordinate and monitor implementation of PREA standards throughout all state and contract facilities. Each facility has designated a PREA Compliance Manager to oversee, coordinate and monitor implementation of the standards within their facility using best practice methods to prevent, detect, and prosecute all sexual abuse cases.