Persistent Drunk Driving - Law Enforcement Assistance Funds

In 2017 the Prevention Persistent Drunk Driving (PDD) funds and Law Enforcement Assistance Funds (LEAF), two state cash fund allocations, were combined together to award three separate community coalition contracts, designated as No DUI Colorado Coalitions.  Newly awarded contracts must support primary prevention efforts to prevent impaired driving and/or the local conditions that facilitate this behavior at all levels of the community, especially among young drivers. Awardees will employ comprehensive primary prevention programs and practices, including OBH’s No DUI Colorado campaign strategies that target both general population and subgroups that are at high risk for substance misuse and abuse for those ages 15-34.   
The Law Enforcement Assistance Fund is state funds financed from DUI offenses for community substance abuse prevention programs and projects.  Monies allocated to the Office of Behavioral Health Prevention are used to establish a statewide program for the prevention of driving after drinking, training of teachers, health professionals, and law enforcement in the dangers of driving after drinking, preparing and disseminating educational materials dealing with the effects of alcohol and other drugs on driving behavior, and preparing disseminating education curriculum materials for use at all levels of school. Pursuant to legislation passed in 1998 penalties were increased for high BAC and repeat DUI offenders. Referred to as the
Persistent Drunk Driver Act of 1998, this legislation defined the PDD and created the PDD Cash Fund, which is funded by a surcharge imposed on convicted DWAI/DUI offenders. Monies in the PDD fund are subject to annual appropriation by the general assembly with the scope of their use stipulated by statute. Overall, the primary purpose of the fund is to support programs that are intended to deter persistent drunk driving or intended to education the public, with particular emphasis on the education of young drivers, regarding the dangers of persistent drunk driving. In recent years the scope of the fund was expanded to include assisting indigent DUI offenders with the cost for required treatment or intervention services.

The grant funding period is five years (November 1, 2017 to June 30, 2022), with an annual funding amount of $156,500 for each awarded community. ​