Veterans Day Balloon travels from Fitzsimons Veterans Home to Pennsylvania

On Veterans Day 2017, when staff, residents and visitors launched balloons and notes from the front courtyard of Veterans Community Living Center at Fitzsimons, they had no idea the miles their balloons would travel. 
Melissa Blair, Director of Recreational Therapy said, "To my amazement, Mike and Darla Sevick, from Pennsylvania, wrote a letter to the Fitzsimons Veterans."
 The letter states:
"Hi Veterans
We found your note and balloon in our pasture in central PA!  We are located on a farm on the outskirts of State College PA.  We found it on November 12th and are curious when you released the balloon. Veterans Day is a very special day that should always be celebrated to pay tribute to all Veterans! .
Best Regards,
 Mike and Darla Sevick"
PS: We figure the balloon traveled over 1500 miles to reach us
When the patriotic balloons were launched on Veterans Day, a note was attached to each balloon. The note asked the finder of the balloon to send a story to the recreation therapy department at Fitzsimons with a note to the residents. 
Melissa continues, "The most astonishing part of this is that the balloons were headed towards the southwest they day they were released and the fact one of the balloons made it to Pennsylvania was crazy!" 
  Fitz balloon launch.JPG

Caption  (Balloon Launch Photo) : Fitzsimons Veterans, staff and families attended several events at the annual Veterans Day Celebrations. This year, the Recreational Department team coordinated an outdoor balloon launch as well as a ceremony which honored the heroic veterans at Fitzsimons.