2GO award winners announced

2GO award winners announced

DENVER (Nov. 19, 2018) — Lt. Gov. Donna Lynne and Colorado Department of Human Services Executive Director Reggie Bicha on Monday announced 10 winners of grants intended to support innovative ways of ensuring Colorado families achieve educational and economic success. 

The program, 2Generation Opportunities (2GO), invited applicants from across the state to apply for 10 grants of $100,000 each to plan and implement two-generation approaches to policy or programs. The intent is to address the needs of parents and children together, to break the cycle of intergenerational poverty. The 10 awardees from across the state will assist families with leaving poverty in this generation and building assets for generations to come.
Lynne and Bicha invited the award winners to a ceremony Monday in the west foyer of the Capitol to announce the recipients and describe their projects.

“The 2GO Innovation Grant Program was designed to promote innovation and incubation of ideas to support communities to work together in order to assist families with leaving poverty in this generation and building assets for generations to come, “ said Bicha.

Here are the winners and their plans:

Boulder County Department of Housing and Human Services

Boulder County DHHS will work with the community to develop and implement prevention and early intervention strategies that match the needs of families living in poverty with the right supports. Every child between zero and five and their immediate caregivers living in low-income households will have the opportunity to be screened and matched to home visitation and family support that addresses the five core components of 2Gen.
Denver Department of Human Services

Denver Human Services will use the 2Gen model for working with the growing number of kinship providers (care of children by relatives or close family friends who have been removed from their birth parents). DHS will engage with kinship providers to gather feedback on their needs, their barriers to meeting those needs, their experience accessing DHS services and how to make access easier for them. 
Eagle County Department of Human Services

Eagle County will partner with Valley Settlement and the Mobile Intercultural Resource Alliance, among others, to expand 2Gen family services, including parenting support, goal-setting, resource connection and follow-up.  This pilot will bring services directly to families and provide one-stop services in isolated communities. 

The Family Center/La Familia – Larimer County

This pilot will support resident-led, place-based projects which will help children and parents in their housing communities. The focus will be on providing culturally proficient supports such as neighborhood-based behavioral health services, early childhood education, adult education, and employment to parents and children. 
Family and Intercultural Resource Center – Summit County

This effort will target TANF eligible families and create a 2GO Collaborative to ensure families achieve education and economic success through the identifying barriers to success and creating support systems for the whole family. The Collaborative will ensure barriers to accessing services are minimized or eliminated.
Focus Points Family Resource Center –  Denver

Focus Points will create an innovative social enterprise around urban agriculture and cooperative education and training for the residents of Globeville, Elyria, and Swansea neighborhoods.  The earning-by-learning model provides livable wages and income for the families while they learn industry skills and receive support in creating their food businesses.  
Joint Initiatives for Youth and Families – El Paso County

This project will focus on creating systemic change that provide for families moving out of poverty, becoming empowered, and being able to thrive. This will include: Engage and gather family voice assessment of strengths and barriers in building economic and educational success. Utilize data to establish a new perspective across neighborhoods and community agencies on the most effective practices.  Create sustainable connections across community partners in a unified system. Engage community agencies in a Strengthening Families/Protective Factors approach to build this as a philosophy in supporting families.
Mesa County Department of Public Health

This pilot will address the gap in child care for working parents and employers by working with providers, parents, and employers on costs and workforce development. The Target Population for this pilot are families impacted by child care system in Mesa County, which includes families of child care workers and CCAP families.

Routt County Department of Human Services

Through the creation of safe spaces and supervised visitation, Routt County is creating an innovative approach to working with families when a parent is temporarily unable to be connected with their child(ren). Parenting supports will be provided to parents at risk of separation from children, to parents who are incarcerated within the county jail, and to parents requiring supervised visitation with the goal of improving outcomes for the child and building assets with the parent.  
Specialized Alternatives for Families and Youth of Colorado – Ft. Collins

The Colorado State University Center for Family and Couple Therapy in Fort Collins will address multigenerational poverty and trauma through an integrated family trauma assessment and treatment program.  They will create a streamlined assessment process, which will allow families to enter the program through any of the partners and not have to repeat the assessment.