Colorado's Mental Health Care and Treatment System Explained

Colorado’s system of care and treatment for mental health is established in Colorado statute (Title 27, Article 65, C.R.S., commonly referred to as "27-65"), and further defined in OBH rule (Volume 2 CCR 502-1). This resource offers guidance on navigating the laws and rules on mental health care and treatment in our state. If you or a loved one is in need of immediate help for a behavioral health crisis, contact Colorado Crisis Services at 1-844-493-8255.

In Colorado, individuals may access mental health care and treatment in multiple ways, but all mental health care and treatment services must:

  • Maintain a person’s dignity and integrity;
  • Be provided in a restrictive setting only when less restrictive setting are unavailable and when safety is endangered;
  • Protect people’s privacy, dignity, and other rights;
  • Encourage the use of voluntary services;
  • Inform and encourage family involvement when appropriate; and,
  • Facilitate the recovery and resiliency of each person.

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[Colorado Revised Statutes Part 101 of Article 65 of Title 27]

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