Medication Consistency (Senate Bill 17-019)

In 2017, the Colorado General Assembly passed Senate Bill (SB) 17-019 to improve access to effective medications for people who transfer in and out of criminal justice and mental health facilities, including institutes, jails and prisons. By having continuous access to the same set of effective medications, including psychotropic medications, individuals are more likely to maintain mental wellness and be successful transitioning between the criminal or juvenile justice system and mental health service providers.

The State is working to strengthen medication consistency across settings through the following efforts:

  • Establishing an agreed upon medication formulary, in accordance with SB 17-019;
  • Decreasing overall costs of treatment through cooperative purchasing agreements; and
  • Piloting health information exchange systems in jails to facilitate data sharing so that caregivers are able to access their patients’ critical health information.

Medication Consistency Program Description
Updated August 2019

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Health Information Exchange Jail Pilot Map & Dashboard
Updated February 2020

Med Consistency Jail Pilot Sites Map October 2019.png