Jail Based Behavioral Health Services

Join us for our virtual Jail-Based Behavioral Health Services Roundtables

These 50-minute sessions involve program staff who are available to answer questions related to upcoming deadlines and any operational and administrative changes. All sessions will be recorded and slide decks posted. Click here to access the files.


The Jail Based Behavioral Health Services (JBBS) Program has been operational since October 2011 with funding from the Correctional Treatment Cash Fund pursuant to C.R.S.18-19-103 (5)(c)(V). The goal of the JBBS Program is to provide appropriate behavioral health services to inmates while supporting continuity of care within the community after release from incarceration.

To carry out the JBBS program, sheriff departments may partner with local community provider(s) who can demonstrate the ability to provide services within the jail, and the capacity to provide or link individuals releasing from jail to free or low cost services in the community.  This approach should result in shorter jail sentences and decreased recidivism through better identification and treatment of behavioral health needs. 

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