How Do I Apply?

Welcome to the Colorado Low-Income Energy Assistance Program

LEAP is a federally funded program that helps eligible hard-working Colorado families, seniors and individuals pay a portion of their winter home heating costs. Our goal is to help bring warmth, comfort and safety to your home and family by assisting with heating costs during the all-too-often harsh Coloradan winters. 

How To Apply


To apply online, please visit the Colorado PEAK online application portal to submit an application.


Completed LEAP applications can be faxed, mailed, emailed (if the county LEAP office has email capacity) or delivered to the appropriate county LEAP office. (Find your county office by calling 1-866-432-8435.)   Applications and Application Information Sheet are available to download here:

English LEAP Application

English LEAP Application Information Sheet

Spanish LEAP Application 

Spanish LEAP Application Information Sheet


Applications are processed according to the date they are received. It may take up to 50 days to process a non-emergency application. Use our application checklist below to help expedite your application. 

Application Checklist

Delays in processing time most often relate to incomplete applications. Use the checklist below to ensure you submit all necessary information and paperwork!

  • I have answered all the questions in each section of the application.
  • I have enclosed a readable copy of my valid photo identification.
  • Social security numbers and birth dates for all members of my household have been included on the application.
  • Proof of all monthly household income (pay stubs, award letters, loans, etc.) has been attached with the application.
  • I have attached receipts for all expenses claimed on my profit and loss statement for self-employment income. 
  • A copy of my most recent heating bill has been enclosed with the application (if you pay your heat as part of your rent, include a copy of your most recent rent receipt).
  • I have signed my application.
  • I have double-checked that I am submitting my application to the correct county LEAP office.
  • If my county LEAP office can accept email, I have scanned my application and all required paperwork and have attached the files to the email.