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CDHS Health Care Innovation Lab

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CDHS is a model for state human services adoption of effective health care technology.


Ensure that CDHS Chief Medical Officer and healthcare leadership continually identify and implement healthcare technology that revolutionizes the lives of CDHS clients


The Innovation Lab connects the healthcare leadership of CDHS with innovators in Colorado government, academia, and industry, to help stakeholders understand Departmental pain-points, and help solve them through technological innovations.

What the Lab Does:

  1. We maintain an open, welcoming contact point for CDHS to share its healthcare needs and pain-points, and for outside stakeholders to share ideas that might be of interest.
  2. We will host monthly meetings with government, university, and industry stakeholders to discuss the latest innovations that may be of value.
  3. We support technological initiatives and ideas across CDHS and Colorado government, such as the Governor’s Health Cabinet, Office of eHealth Innovation, the eHealth Commission, the State Innovation Model, and the Office of Information Technology.
  4.  We advise CDHS leadership on healthcare innovations that we may wish to consider or pilot, and help answer any questions they may have.

Who ​Can Join:

We welcome leaders from academia, industry, and government who:

  1. Serve in a decision-making role in their respective area of industry/entrepreneurship, academia, or government agencies (no sales or marketing personnel please).
  2. Uphold the highest standards of ethics, and sound, transparent business practices
  3. Seek to better the lives of people in state care, as well as the general betterment of all Coloradans

PLEASE NOTE: While we avidly seek to understand new technology and services, we do NOT currently have a venue for commercial sales presentations or related marketing activities. This is NOT a forum to discuss or work on RFP issues, and we do not advise on these. We instead open this to thought leaders wishing to discuss high-level strategy around how a service may be of use to a state government system.

If you are interested in applying to join,

please let us know by contacting

Amanda Brubaker


Please let us know: Your title/credentials and the reason you wish to join.

We typically will respond within 3-5 business days.