Families of Youth Services Clients

The family is an integral part of the team working with youth involved in the CDHS Division of Youth Services (DYS). DYS strives to honor family experience and culture, empower all family members, utilize family strengths and instill hope for a safe and successful future.

If you have a question that is not answered on this page, please visit the contact us section of the website to speak to a person at the facility where your son/daughter resides, or for youth who are committed, you may also contact the client management/parole office in the region of the state you are located.

DYS is committed to:

  • Communicate openly with you, the family
  • Provide quality services to your family based on identified needs
  • Treat your family with dignity, respect and fairness
  • Continually assess how we can better meet the needs of your family
  • Be truthful, honest, and courteous to your family at all times
  • Listen actively and share information in open, honest and appropriate ways
  • Work with you to resolve any conflicts or concerns
  • Communicate your needs clearly
  • Respect your cultural preferences
  • Work from a strengths-based perspective

Expand the sections below to learn more about the Youth Services system and your role as a family member.