Employment Assistance

Employment and Benefits

Employment Assistance

Colorado Employment First (EF) promotes self-sufficiency and independence by preparing Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP) recipients for employment through job seeking skills training, work experience and monthly job search support activities.

EF is proud to operate a program that provides assistance to people in need while ensuring accountability for their benefits.

  • Every intervention makes a difference
  • Every person deserves an opportunity
  • Setting helpful boundaries for successful participation
  • Supporting positive choices to reach participant goals

Employment First recently celebrated its 30th anniversary and reaches approximately 30,000 Coloradans each year. The program currently operates in 46 of Colorado’s 64 counties and serves 88% of Colorado’s work registrants.

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Launched in January 2018, Colorado Works Subsidized Training and Employment Program (CW STEP) helps connect at-risk populations who are eligible for basic cash assistance from Colorado Works—Colorado’s federally funded program providing temporary cash assistance for needy families—with crucial professional work experience and opportunity. This interagency collaborative program connects Coloradans facing significant barriers to employment with job opportunities.

CW STEP helps connect vulnerable parents receiving Basic Cash Assistance through the Colorado Works program with critical professional work experience and opportunity. The program helps participants work toward earning a living-wage, securing permanent employment and creating a brighter economic future for their families. Participants will learn valuable skills to prepare for careers in industries with a demonstrated shortage of qualified workers, creating unique opportunities to fill employment gaps and drive Colorado’s economy forward.

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Individual Placement & Support (IPS) - Supported Employment

Supported employment is a program that helps people with disabilities gain employment, while also providing employers with access to motivated employees.

IPS is based on eight key principles:

  1. Anyone who wants to work can participate in the program, and job seekers are not excluded based on diagnosis, symptoms or history.
  2. Employment specialists help job seekers look for competitive employment: jobs in the community paying at least minimum wage and not specified for people with disabilities.
  3. Services are based on the job seeker’s preferences and choices.
  4. Services are integrated with mental health treatment teams to provide job seekers with collaborative, professional support.
  5. Employment specialists help job seekers apply for employment quickly, rather than providing lengthy assessments or counseling.
  6. Employment specialists develop an employer network and relationships based on job seekers’ interests.
  7. Professional counselors provide job seekers with information about how employment may affect their government benefits.
  8. Job seekers get personalized support as long as they want it after obtaining employment.

One of the most distinctive characteristics of IPS is that it is an evidence-based practice, with outcomes and effectiveness monitored on an ongoing basis. 

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Refugee Services

The goal of the Colorado Refugee Services Progam (CRSP) is to ensure the effective resettlement of officially designated refugees and to promote refugee self-sufficiency. 

The agency is committed to a holistic approach to refugee resettlement. Our services and programs support refugees and the larger receiving community working together to build the social capital necessary to both sustain a welcoming environment for refugees as well as a return on investment for the mainstream. Working with local partners, CRSP supported services include: ESL classes, job training, cash assistance, legal services, and healthcare.

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ReHire Colorado

ReHire Colorado is a transitional employment program created by the Colorado Careers Act (HB13-1004) of 2013 and administered by Colorado Department of Human Services. The program combines wage-paying work, job skills training and supportive services to help individuals successfully re-enter the workforce and Colorado businesses connect with high-quality talent. Our mission is to serve as a bridge between local job-seekers and businesses by supporting a skilled workforce that meets the needs of businesses and strengthens the local economy. 

  • Receive paid, on-the-job training and support while working to overcome any barriers to employment you've been facing
  • During the transitional employment program, you'll earn competitive wages and other incentives to help bring stability to your day-to-day life
  • Gain marketable skills working in diverse and in-demand industries 
  • Learn about current job opening and secure permanent job placement while continuing to receive ongoing support 
  • Be a part of stimulating the local economies by improving the economic health of Colorado

Learn more about ReHire Colorado here

Senior Community Services Employment Program

The Senior Community Service Employment Program (SCSEP) became a national program under the Older Americans Act in 1973. 

SCSEP participants are provided a minimum wage while learning new skills and improving their opportunity to become employed. Employment training takes place at nonprofit and government agencies such as libraries, senior centers, schools and parks. Participants help community organizations expand their service capacity while developing their job skills, self-confidence and a restored sense of self-worth.

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For more employment resources, visit the Colorado Department of Labor and Employment.