Colorado Behavioral Health Task Force

On April 8, 2019, Gov. Jared Polis directed the Colorado Department of Human Services to spearhead Colorado’s Behavioral Health Task Force. The mission of the task force is to evaluate and set the roadmap to improve the current behavioral health system in the state. This includes developing Colorado’s “Behavioral Health Blueprint” by June 2020, with anticipated implementation of recommendations starting in July 2020.

The task force will be comprised of 25 members. There will also be three subcommittees with 25 members each. Those subcommittees are:

Children's Behavioral Health: This subcommittee should develop a plan to address how we deliver and manage children’s behavioral health and improve outcomes. 

Long-Term Competency: Consistent with a recent consent decree entered into by the Colorado Department of Human Services, this subcommittee should develop a comprehensive plan for individuals in the criminal justice system who have been found incompetent to proceed and future solutions to increase community interventions as a means to reduce demand on forensic solutions to mental health.

State Safety Net: This subcommittee shall offer a roadmap to ensure that every Coloradan, regardless of acuity level, ability to pay, or co-occurring disabilities, can obtain appropriate behavioral health services in their community. 


The task force is currently being formed and members will be chosen over the coming weeks. Members will represent diverse and balanced perspectives, including consumers and families dealing with behavioral health issues, key executive agencies representing state and local government, criminal justice experts, advocacy groups, behavioral health providers, and others.

Meeting schedule

The task force does not yet have a meeting schedule. Meeting times will be listed here. 

Meeting minutes

Following task force meetings, minutes will be posted here.

Resources and links

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