Co-Responder Programs

The Co-Responder model of criminal justice diversion consists of two-person teams comprised of a law enforcement officer and a behavioral health specialist to intervene on mental health-related police calls to de-escalate situations that have historically resulted in arrest and to assess whether the person should be referred for an immediate behavioral health assessment. 

The following communities receive up to $362,500 per fiscal year from the Marijuana Tax Cash Fund to operate Co-Responder for a five-year term:

  • City and County of Broomfield
  • Denver County
  • El Paso County
  • City of Evans
  • City of Grand Junction
  • Larimer County
  • City of Longmont
  • Pitkin County

Co-Responder Program Description
Updated January 2020

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For more information about the Office of Behavioral Health Co-Responder program contact:

  Emily Richardson, Manager of Co-Responder Services 
    Office of Behavioral Health | 303.866.7709

For media inquiries about the Office of Behavioral Health Co-Responder program, contact:

    Elizabeth Owens, Director of Communications
    Office of Behavioral Health | 303.866.7505