Children & Families

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Who are Children, Youth & Families?

Children, youth and families in Colorado can look different depending on who you are: the family of five, the teenager attending high school, or a single adult. When we talk about children, youth and families, we mean helping each member of your family—whatever that looks like and wherever they are in Colorado.

What does this mean for me?

Do you or your family member need the service provided by the Office of Children, Youth & Families (OCYF)? First, ask yourself a few questions.

  • Am I interested in adopting or providing foster care for a child in Colorado?
  • Is there a child in my circles who could be suffering from abuse or neglect?
  • Do I need assistance due to domestic violence?
  • Does the youth in my family reside in a state correctional facility?

While these questions may not match up with where you are right now, they could indicate that you need support from one of your county's services. 

There are several ways OCYF assists you and your family members. Click on a tile below to explore what is available to you.

Adoption, Foster Care & Kinship Connection Child Abuse & Neglect Prevention Child Care Child Support

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Food Assistance Mental Health for Children & Families Sexual Health Education - PREP Substance Use Prevention

Two-Generation Approach Youth Services