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Our Mission

The mission of the Colorado Child Support Services Program is to make sure that all children receive financial and medical support from each parent.

The Child Support Services Program puts children first by helping both parents assume responsibility for the economic and social well-being, health, and stability of their children. 

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What Do We Do?

CDHS serves and supports Colorado families by:

  • Locating parents
  • Establishing paternity
  • Enforcing child support and medical orders;
  • Modifying child support orders; and
  • Collecting and distributing collections.
  • We also work with other partners to provide referrals to services that help with employment, visitation and other important family needs.

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Applying for Child Support Services

There are a couple of ways you can apply for child support services: 

  1. Stop by your county office to receive a paper application to complete
  2. Visit the Child Support Web Portal to begin the process online

Whichever way you prefer, there is a $20 application fee unless you are receiving public assistance (TANF benefits). 

What's Next?

  • If you do not have a child support order, your county office will establish a court order for child support. To do this, the office will gather information needed from all parties to establish and enforce the support order.
  • If you do have a child support order, the county office will add your order to our system and assist with enforcing the order by locating the paying parent, sending an income withholding order to the paying parent's employer and other enforcement actions as needed.

What Do I Need To Apply?

  • Birth certificate and Social Security card for child(ren)
  • Personal identification (driver's license, passport, state-issued ID)
  • Verification of income (pay stubs, etc)
  • Payment record of support paid
  • Copy of marriage certification (if applicable)
  • Copy of court order if already in place (if you don't have a copy of the order, supply the date, county and state of the order as well as the court case number)

Child Support Services Web Portal

Go to the Colorado Child Support Services Web Portal to: 

Child Support Commission

The State of Colorado Child Support Commission is required by Title IV of the Social Security Act and created pursuant to § 14-10-115(16) C.R.S. It is charged with conducting a review of the child support guidelines and examining discretionary issues presented by members and various stakeholders. Click to learn more about the Child Support Commission. 

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