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Lookout Mountain Youth Clean Up Golden Cemetery for Memorial Day

Youth from Lookout Mountain Youth Services Center in Golden cleaned up the Golden Cemetery this week to prepare it for Memorial Day. Lookout Mountain youth have given back through the cemetery project for nine years, removing weeds, trimming around grave sites, and planting flowers to make it beautiful for the many Memorial Day weekend visitors. This year, 12 youth worked seven-hour days for five days to clean up the cemetery. 

Rattlesnake Arches

May 4, 2017- The Grand Mesa Youth Services Center Hiking Club ventured out on a new trail, the Rattlesnake Arches. The trip included a few new youth that had previously struggled, but found interest in the hiking club and saw it as an incentive to work hard. By achieving goals in their treatment and education programming, they earned a spot on the hiking club, allowing the
youth to leave the facility for the first time. 

Earth Day!

​Several youth and staff from Zeb Pike Youth Services Center participated in Earth Day activities on Saturday, April 22 by combining forces with a local neighborhood association's annual spring cleanup.