The Scoop by Marilee Johnson, Tourist Center Director / Public Information Coordinator

Logan County’s social network is going viral! The county’s different social media outlets have more than 20,000 followers on Facebook and over 700 on Twitter and Instagram. You should join the crowd and connect with us!

Along with this website, there are several other forms of electronic communication to find information about Logan County Government and its many departments and offices. Our social media pages are used to post information, updates, announcements, job openings, events and photos, and are just another way to keep the communication lines open with the public.

READYColorado Blog: Mental Health and Coping with Traumatic Events

Psychological trauma is an emotionally painful, shocking, stressful and sometimes life-threatening experience. It may or may not involve physical injuries and can result from the impact of distressing events. These situations may also be natural disasters such as a tornado or earthquake. The events can also be human caused from a car accident, crime, or terror attack.