Colorado Firefighter Funeral Services Guidelines

Approximately 100 firefighters give their lives in the line of duty each year in the United States. There is no other single event that is as powerful and significant to an agency. The death of a fellow firefighter presents a difficult time for the entire agency as well as the deceased member’s family. Many details and arrangements need to be addressed in a short period of time.

Recorder's Notes by Pamela Bacon, Logan County Clerk and Recorder


One week until the November 6, 2018 General Election.  Have you returned your ballot to the Logan County Clerk’s office?  We appreciate receiving voted ballots early so our election judges can start processing.  The earlier ballots are returned, the earlier election night results can be released.  

We highly recommend at this time that you:

Alamosa County Ballot Question 1A

What is Colorado Senate Bill 152?
Colorado Senate Bill 152 (SB 152) is a measure passed by the Colorado Legislature in 2005. Among other requirements, it requires local governments to secure voter approval before entering into any type of public/private partnerships for the provision of telecommunications services.

The current law limits the ability of Colorado counties and municipalities to provide a broad spectrum of telecommunication  services, including: