District Project Update

Columbine Sewer Rehabilitation

This project will be a cured-in-place rehabilitation for 6,638 linear feet of 8-inch concrete pipe. This will consist of approximately 78 service connections and 32 manholes that will be lined to prevent corroding in the future. These connections and manholes are all located in Columbine Country Club.

The plan will be available April 2, 2018 and the Bid Opening will be April 20, 2018.

OBH Grantee Builds Youth's Strengths During Difficult Times

A Denver school that receives Substance Abuse Block Grant funding from the Office of Behavioral Health for prevention programming recently led a campaign where students and staff shared their stories of what strengths they use to help them deal with hard times. The "What Helps Me" stories from students and staff at Noel Community Arts School were posted in the hallway of the school.