DVP Monthly Alert - October 2018


October is Domestic Violence Awareness Month and the start of the DVP contract year. This alert includes information regarding important upcoming deadlines, creating inclusive and welcoming spaces contract requirement, and changes to data reporting requirements. You can also learn more about three funded programs: San Miguel Resource Center, Renew, and Alternative Horizons.​​

Fall is Here! What Does that Mean for Your Sewer Service Line?

Fall is one the most beautiful time of year, but the leaves changing color are not the only thing that changes in the trees. During the spring and summer months, the tree gets most of its nourishment from the leaves. When the leaves begin to turn and fall, the tree seeks out new forms of nourishment. The roots begin to grow and seek out sources of moisture. The sewer line running from your house to the District’s main line in the street is a non-stop source of moisture that tree roots are drawn to.