Behavioral Health Workforce Development

Workforce development includes enriching the work environment through education, staff recognition, and skills training in best practices and supervision, and is recognized as a critical component of the Office of Behavioral Health (OBH). OBH workforce development principles are:

  •  Identify core competencies and skills
  •  Maintain a skilled workforce
  •  Increase occupational preparedness
  •  Reinforce best practices
  •  Support employee retention
  •  Support a culture of learning through ongoing training
  •  Promote effective communication
  •  Promote effective use of current technology
  •  Create new employee and intern orientation process
  •  Increase awareness of OBH staff supports and resources connections
  •  Align strategic goals with management systems
  •  Emphasize customer service

OBH Workforce Development Programs

The following are behavioral health programs offered through the Office of Behavioral Health for workforce development

Upcoming OBH Training Events

The following is a list of upcoming OBH training events