Youth Reach the Summit of Mt. Sneffels

The Grand Mesa Youth Services Center Adventure Club hit the road early on Saturday, July 8th, to hike their first 14er. The hike was led by the director of the facility, who spent his day off leading the youth up the steep incline to the summit. Five youth and five staff left the facility early in the morning and headed for the Mount Sneffels trailhead outside of Ouray. The youth and staff enjoyed clear blue skies and perfect weather as they hiked through rocks, streams, and snow. Throughout the day, they covered close to 7 miles, while climbing 3,000 vertical feet through steep scree fields.


Everyone helped each other as they climbed closer towards the summit. Once there, the hiking members celebrated reaching the top with snacks, laughs and beautiful views. The youth learned that persistence and hard work pays off. They took pride in the fact that none of them gave up, no matter the difficulty. The day was a compete success as everyone built positive relationships, encouraged each other, and worked together to accomplish their goal.