Using State Opioid Grant Dollars for COVID-19 Response


During this time, OBH has authorized expanded use of State Opioid Grant dollars to support OTPs in the purchase of the following items: 

  • Personal Protective Equipment for staff (PPE)
  • Lockboxes for additional take-home doses
  • Hand sanitizer and soap
  • Methadone take-out bottles
  • Additional items as approved by OBH and MSOs

To access these funds, OTPs, purchasers and MSOs will follow these steps: 

  • OTPs will keep receipts for any MAT Access during COVID-19, including expenses necessary to provide MAT services (see above for examples). 
  • Purchasers will submit these receipts as supporting documentation for reimbursement to their MSO, as currently contracted, along with their documents for medications.The best practice is to include a summary sheet of these expenses in front of the receipts. 
  • MSOs will include this documentation, along with any supporting documentation, falling under the MAT or OMAT budget line. MSOs will include a grand total of all MAT Access-related expenses during the COVID-19 crisis on the front page of the invoice in the Notes section.

We encourage OTPs to reach out to Signal Behavioral Health to receive additional NARCAN kits to keep clients and those around them safe. Kits can be requested from Troy Bowman at or 720.645.2074.