Substance Use Disorders e-Learning Series

A three-part Substance Use Disorders (SUD) e-Learning module series is now available on the Colorado University e-Learning Website.  The SUD series, developed by the OBH-SIM (State Innovation Model) team, is part of the Behavioral Health in Primary Care (SIM Initiative) learning area, which aims to provide comprehensive and practical information about behavioral health integration that can be applied to healthcare practices.

One of the top priorities for integrated teams in the primary care setting is the identification, early intervention, or treatment of risky substance use and substance use disorders. It is critical to delivering timely, whole patient, care that each integrated care team member is prepared to assess, screen, identify, and treat or refer patients of all ages, cultures, faiths, genders, and socio-economic levels. Any patient can experience complications in their physical health related to their mental health and or substance use – and visa versa. The patient treated by an integrated care team that is prepared to assess and treat using whole patient thinking will be better served and will receive a higher level of quality care. 

The SUD modules available for access are:

  • Substance Use Disorders Part I: Introduction to Assessment, Identification, Treatment, and Referral  | 16:01 minutes
  • Substance Use Disorders Part II: Opioid Crisis: The Role of Integrated Care | 16:29 minutes
  • Substance Use Disorders Part III: SBIRT (Screening, Brief Intervention and Referral to Treatment)  | 10:22 miniutes

To view the Substance Use Disorders modules and other Behavioral Health Integration e-learning modules, visit the CU e-Learning website and register entering registration code: SIM



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