Storm King - experiencing the meaning behind the hike

Storm King 25.jpg
DYS Storm King 16.jpgJune 1, 2017- the GMYSC Adventure Club took a day-trip to Glenwood Springs to tackle the Storm King Mountain. Prior to the trip, the youth watched the documentary about the 1994 Storm King Fire to learn about the meaning behind the hike, while gaining an understanding of the challenges faced by the wild-land firefighters and smoke jumpers as they performed the duties of their jobs.  As the youth made the initial ascent up the mountain, they stopped to read the informational plaques and were able to meet some wild-land firefighters that were completing the hike in their fire gear. The youth thanked the firefighters for their service and eagerly talked to them about their own experiences. With the heat rising, the youth were challenged as they made their way to the top--climbing 1500 ​ft over 6 miles of terrain. The educational hike helped the youth gain a new level of respect for those who put their lives on the line each day.