Pueblo Youth Services Center gives back

Pueblo School DriveYouths and staff members at the Pueblo Youth Services Center recently worked together to have a school-supplies drive.  Youths in the program went through a restorative community justice process, where they spoke about how behaviors and crimes impact the community school programs,  and created a collection boxes to be filled up for the drive. The youths also spoke about how difficult it can be for children in school when they don't have what they need to participate in class or don't feel like they fit in with their peers. Pueblo staff then put together some special activities encouraging others to donate supplies and/or money, which was used to purchase supplies for students.  This year staff in the program selected Carlile Elementary School, which is located near the Pueblo YSC.  The school was very thankful that both youth and staff in the facility thought of their children, and they were excited to receive the supplies.