Outpatient Restoration Summer 2020 Update

Outpatient Restoration services continue to deliver programming remotely due to the COVID-19 crisis. Among many recent positive accomplishments, Outpatient Restoration no longer has a waitlist for restoration services in any area of the state. The team continues to troubleshoot minor issues and has accommodated client needs with little exception.  

With the assistance of restoration providers, the team has also distributed video-enabled phones to clients to continue their services remotely. Additionally, Outpatient Restoration is fast-tracking evaluations for individuals who may benefit from an early re-evaluation. During a June teleconference, providers learned about these efforts and our new partnership with the Momentum Program, which provides community-based assistance to children and adults throughout Colorado. Momentum’s person-centered case managers work with outpatient clients to create care plans and connect them to peer support and other community resources. 

Finally, the program continues to strengthen its relationship with the Forensic Support Team and Navigators as they move individuals into the community from in-custody settings. We appreciate their efforts and partnership as we work to ensure individuals who are ordered to competency restoration receive services in the least restrictive setting.

For more information on Outpatient Restoration, visit the Forensic Services web page.