OBH Awards and Celebrates Colorado IPS Success

About 150 service providers around the state came together and celebrated the state's success with helping people with severe mental illness gain and maintain employment for their recovery. The Office of Behavioral Health  sponsored the third annual Individual Placement and Support (IPS) conference, Working Toward Recovery, October 24 - 25 in Denver.

The Office of Behavioral Health awarded nine awards to community mental health centers, state agencies, and employers who've been crucial in Colorado's IPS success. 


“Highest IPS Fidelity Program”

Community Reach Center
118 out of 125


Fidelity ratings are based on the international IPS fidelity scale.  A “Good” fidelity rating requires a minimum fidelity score of 100 points.  The highest fidelity rating “Exemplary” requires a minimum fidelity score of 115 points.


“Most Improved IPS Fidelity Score” 

North Range Behavioral Health
Increase of 18 points to a final score of 113.


“Good Baseline IPS Fidelity Score”

San Luis Valley Behavioral Health Group
Score of 102

An initial/first time fidelity score of 100 points is rare


"Excellence in Teamwork Award"
(Nominated by Patricia Henke)

Greenwood Village District DVR Team 

AllHealth Network Team:

DVR Counselor II - Mary Ellen Gooding
•  DVR Counselor - Charlyna Johnson
•  DVR Supervisor - Tracy Rushing
•  DVR Regional Manager -  Lindsey Pacheco
•   IPS Team Supervisor - Deidre Sage
•   IPS ES - Amber Brookman
•   IPS ES - Maria Pearson
•   IPS ES - Annie Kruger
•   IPS ES - Jesse Huebner 


The partnership between AllHealth Network and Greenwood Village District DVR has been a model for other teams around the state. Many other teams (DVR/Mental Health Centers) have stated they have implemented strategies they learned from this team "AND THEY WORK"! AllHealth Network has doubled the number of clients served and closed successfully from FY16 to FY17 with using IPS model. They are truly "Modeling the Way" for excellence in teamwork!


“IPS Champion Award”

Patricia Henke with the Division of Vocational Rehabilitation

Patricia has been a voice for IPS the past couple years and has helped tremendously in the partnerships between DVR and IPS Community Mental Health Center teams. Her contribution to IPS is evident with her passion and hard work building relationships and advocating for team building. She has implemented a mental health steering committee and is constantly working on creative ways to partner with OBH. She has been a valuable teammate, co-worker, and friend. Patricia, we couldn’t do any of this without your support. Congratulations!


“Employer Awards”
(Retail, Service, Hospitality, and Healthcare)


 Ross - Highlands Ranch 

The hiring manager loved the IPS model and was happy to participate. When asking how things are going with my client, her first question is always "Is she happy?" -Maria- Assistant Manger (Maria Pearson)

 Camp Bow Wow

The manager and staff have gone above and beyond to welcome and support a client with severe mental illness who has now been successfully working his first job for more than six months. He loves working there and the manager is one of the first people I have ever seen him open up to. -Teresa, Manager (Maria Pearson)

The DoubleTree by Hilton Greeley and Meekers

The DoubleTree by Hilton Greeley and the hotel restaurant, Meekers, deserves to be recognized for their collaborative efforts with North Range Behavioral Health (NRBH). They are a brand new hotel and restaurant in Greeley and from the beginning of their hiring they have been very receptive to working with NRBH Employment Specialists and our job seekers. They have hired two people so far (line/prep cook and server positions) and are very open to hiring people in to other departments also. They have provided all of the training and have demonstrated a willingness to accommodate people with disabilities. They have modified one of the employees' job schedule due to his concerns about his benefits. The HR Director worked with the Chef to come up with a plan to make it work for this employee. We look forward to an ongoing mutually beneficial relationship with the DoubleTree.- Livia Espada, Director of Training/Recruiting/HR (Amy Boyd and Gayann Brandenburg)

“Health Care”
Life Care Centers of America: 

Littleton Life Care Center
Michelle Fraternali, Executive Director
Nicolette Seymour, Human Resources
Fran Yoder, Housekeeping/Laundry Supervisor

Briarwood Health Care Center
Hollie Hoyl, Executive Director
Rachel Dowell, Dietary Manager (Deirdre Sage)

From the very start the Life Care Centers have been accommodating and accessible employers. Fran, Nicolette, Michelle, Hollie, and Rachel recognize the strengths of their IPS employees and provide patient and nurturing work environments.


Congratulations to all awardees!

         IPS Awards