National Assessment Ranks Colorado at the Top

National Assessment Ranks Colorado at the TopThe focus on implementing evidence based services benefits Colorado youth in the Division of Youth Corrections by ensuring the most effective practices and programs are available throughout the youth's care. In a recent report published by the PEW Foundation, Colorado was identified as one of the top seven (7) states in the Nation with regard to the implementation and prevalence of evidence-based policy-making, specific to the integration of evidence-based practices within juvenile justice systems. The PEW Foundation reviewed six specific areas to determine both implementation effectiveness and sustainability: defining levels of evidence; providing an inventory of existing programs; comparing program costs and benefits; reporting outcomes of the budget; targeting funds to evidence-based programs; and requiring action through state laws. Through this process, Colorado ranked as “established”, indicating a strong commitment to identifying, implementing, evaluating, and supporting cost-effective proven practices and programs to the youth in their care. You can access the full report here.