Lookout Mountain Youth Clean Up Golden Cemetery for Memorial Day


YIMG_1092.JPGouth from Lookout Mountain Youth Services Center in Golden cleaned up the Golden Cemetery this week to prepare it for Memorial Day. Lookout Mountain youth have given back through the cemetery project for nine years, removing weeds, trimming around grave sites, and planting flowers to make it beautiful for the many Memorial Day weekend visitors. This year, 12 youth worked seven-hour days for five days to clean up the cemetery. 

The project, completed in partnership with the city of Golden, falls under the restorative justice component of the Division of Youth Corrections' mission. As a member of the Golden community, the work at the cemetery allows for youth to demonstrate a shared commitment for the care and well-being of this community. This project provides an opportunity for the young men to be a resource and give back to the community in which they currently live. The partnership between Lookout Mountain and the city of Golden embodies the restorative justice values of relationship, respect, responsibility, repair and reintegration. The ability to put all of these shared values into practice is something that makes the cemetery project a benchmark for other community projects. The strength of this partnership is represented by an oak tree being planted at the conclusion of each cemetery project.