Lakota Native Gives Inspirational Message to Students at Adams Youth Services Center

Lakota ceremonial singingThis past week, a Lakota Native American Indian spoke with students in the Art and Social Studies class at Adams Youth Services Center. George Antuna, is a Sun Dancer and a ceremonial singer. He brought not only his song and dance to the students but also the storytelling taught to him by his uncle, a South Dakota Pine Ridge Reservation Elder.

One student said, "I really enjoyed it.  My grandfather was part Native American and I liked getting to ask questions about things I've heard about Indians from movies.” Antuna spoke of a childhood on the streets, time in prison as an adult and the realization that he must become accountable for his future with no excuses or blaming. He has chosen to be the kind of man that makes this world a better place and he urged the students to make that same decision.  Antuna spoke of giving bak to his community, his commitment to be a good father and husband and to support others in their quest to become better people. Antuna has been so successful in his quest to become a better person that other tribes have adopted him and the elders gave him an Indian warrior name, when translated into English means “Good Home.”