"Everybody can be great...because anybody can serve" ~MLK Jr.

"Everybody can be great...because anybody can serve" ~MLK Jr.The Division of Youth Corrections (DYC) at Lookout Mountain Youth Services Center received a special request from one of their community partners, Habitat for Humanity. Habitat needed help moving their construction warehouse. Four youth along with two staff members, Tom Pariseau and Rod Tyma, offered to volunteer for the day. On Tuesday January 17, the Habitat staff along with volunteers filled six semi loads of industrial shelving, building materials and wooden pallets. 

When youth were asked about the experience they had a lot to say. One youth named Vincent said, “I know the impact on the community that Habitat has and what we did for the community. But this was the hardest and best Restorative Community Justice project we’ve done.” Another youth stated, “I know we help people, but honestly, I’ve learned so much from the experience including how to do things I’ve never done before.” Another youth stated he felt “emotionally good and physically exhausted.” 
The Habitat for Humanity staff were filled with appreciation and gratitude. The warehouse manager, Brian, said that in five hours the volunteers from DYC completed two days’ worth of work. Erika, a staff at Habitat added “you really busted it out!”  

As Martin Luther King Jr. stated, "Everybody can be great...because anybody can serve." During the week celebrating MLK Jr., the youth and staff of DYC clearly demonstrated their greatness by helping an organization that provides homes for those in need.