Equine Therapy at Platte Valley

Horse 3 (1) (1).jpgSeveral of the youth at Platte Valley Youth Services Center had an incredible opportunity to be a part of a newly developed equine therapy program last week. The youth involved were able to interact closely with the horses and spend the afternoon learning about boundaries and spacial respect. One of the youths commented that “I learned patience with stubborn horses. I feel at peace with my life when petting the thick coat of the horses. I also learned that you have to observe and use boundaries with the horses.” “In the group, I learned that we all have different types of boundaries--big ones and small. Don’t push other’s boundaries because it won’t make things better,” observed another.

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The Equine therapy program is continuing to develop thanks to the hard work and implementation by Lucinda Sinclair, Francisco, Morgan, and Sarah--all staff members at Platte Valley Youth ServicesCenter. They are establishing and growing the program by adding emotional level surveys before and after working with the horses, as well as, identifying what the small groups of youth are learning about emotional regulation. Keep a look out for inspiring stories from this program in the future!