DYS Breaks Ground on New Youth Services Center

Lt. Gov Donna Lynne and other local dignitaries joined CDHS Executive Director Reggie Bicha and Division of Youth Services (DYS) Director Anders Jacobson as the DYS broke ground Oct. 3 on a new youth services center to replace the current Adams Youth Services Center. The new facility will increase the department’s capacity to serve the 17th Judicial District, one of the state’s fastest-growing juvenile populations. 
“We really took the approach that it doesn’t matter about your legal status, whether you’re contained or committed. We threw that approach out the window,” Jacobson said. The new 32,800 square foot, 40-bed juvenile detention facility will incorporate best practices in juvenile justice with an emphasis on creating a more homelike, trauma-responsive environment, allowing CDHS to continue serving the youth of Adams and Broomfield counties. 
“This is a place where kids will be safe, get the skills and knowledge they need to restore, to grow and to thrive,” Bicha said.

Lynne agreed that the new center can help youths rebuild their lives. “For any of the youths that we’re serving, it shouldn’t be a black mark,” she said. “It shouldn’t be the end of their experience, and hopefully it’s a turnaround.” 

The new Adams YSC will include one building for housing and one for program and administrative functions, totaling approximately $20.5 million, with an expected completion date of September 2020.