DJ Panic Visits Zeb Pike Youth Services Center


At the beginning of this month, the youth at Zeb Pike Youth Service Center were treated to a performance by DJ Panic. His passion for music, which started at age 9, was clearly evident and contagious to all those who were listening. DJ Panic has Colorado roots, he is originally from Pueblo and he left to join the Marine Corps and serve in Desert Storm and Afghanistan. After returning home, he worked as a Case Manager for eighteen years in various correctional facilities, but continued to pursue his music. He earned the 2003 World Championship tile in New Orleans. He is currently on tour with DJ Khaled and took time away to come in and perform for the youth, a show that would normally cost around $10,000! DJ Panic said "Music is universal. I have been all over the world and you can communicate with anyone through music." He even showed several youth how to use the equipment and try it out! His story and success were inspirational for the youth and staff who attended this event.