Data Integration Initiative Town Hall Sheds Light on Technical Specs

The Office of Behavioral Health's (OBH) Data Integration Initiative (DII) aimed at integrating its mental health, crisis and substance use disorder data systems is on track for implementation in 2019. In preparation for the launch, OBH held a town hall in Denver on Oct. 9, during which providers were given a comprehensive overview of the new online data platform - COMPASS. This included a deep-dive into the system’s technical specifications (e.g., types of data fields available). OBH has also made available a number of technical resources designed for use by providers and the person(s) responsible for transmitting their facility’s information through COMPASS:

Once the new system is live, it will offer providers a single interface for addressing mental health and substance use service needs and meeting mandated state and federal reporting requirements for achieving better health outcomes for Coloradans. It will adapt to changing performance measures and reporting requirements, as well as make real-time data available and reduce administrative burdens.

Stay tuned for more information in the coming months, including announcements for online town halls so that all providers across Colorado have the opportunity to listen in and ask questions. Meanwhile, we invite you to submit your questions via this form. OBH will continue to update our FAQ section on the website on a regular basis.