Congrats to "People Who Help People" Award Winner Lorendia Schmidt!

Reggie Bicha and Lorendia SchmidtIn honor of Public Service Recognition Week, we are recognizing five CDHS staffers with People Who Help People awards. Today’s honoree is Lorendia Schmidt, Child Abuse Prevention and Treatment Act Administrator (CAPTA) in the Division of Child Welfare. Congratulations, Lorendia!

About Lorendia

For almost four years, Lorendia has served as the Child Abuse Prevention and Treatment Act (CAPTA) administrator for the Division of Child Welfare. In her role, she ensures that the CAPTA goals are achieved, working closely with other divisions and offices in CDHS, as well as establishing and maintaining relationships with external stakeholders. She is the assigned subject matter expert for several counties and has received accolades for her development of relationships and ongoing support of county partners.  

Lorendia supervises two staff members and a student intern. In the role of intern supervisor, she posts the position, completes candidate selection, provides supervision and instruction, and ensures that the learning experience is valuable.  

What Lorendia’s Colleagues Say About Her

“What I love about Lorendia is she is one of those people who no matter how difficult the task is, I can give it to her -- or she’ll volunteer for it -- and she pulls it off seamlessly. She’s extremely good at facilitating groups, particularly around conflict or things that are difficult. She’s able to manage the conversation and come to a resolution that works for everyone. She does that better than anyone I’ve worked with in my 30 years.

When some people see a gap, problem or issue, they see it as a negative thing. Lorendia sees that as an opportunity to make things better, and she does it with grace. She’s always thoughtful and approaches solutions with kindness and good intentions about how other people will be affected.

She’s one of these people who views things from the balcony, and is able to make sure people are moving in the right direction. And she is always willing to help members of the team. Many are proud of call her a mentor and a friend. 

She has been a role model and leader who exudes grace, compassion and professionalism. She is one of the smartest and kindest people I’ve ever known. It’s truly a privilege to have her on my team, and I learn from her every day.”

Thank you for your service, Lorendia, and congratulations on your People Who Help People Award!