Congrats to "People Who Help People" Award Winner John Clark

John Clark

In honor of Public Service Recognition Week, we are recognizing five CDHS staffers with People Who Help People awards. Today’s honoree is John Clark, Health Care Technician III for Day Programs at the Wheat Ridge Regional Center. Congratulations, John!

About John

John is a work group leader for six Wheat Ridge Regional Center residents, a role he has held since 2015. Once per week, his group picks up and delivers milk for residents’ lunches. The other days, he runs a recycling pickup, medical cart and delivery group.

What John’s Colleagues Say About Him

“John is a proven leader who cares deeply about the people we serve. His focus is on the individuals we provide day program services for. John creates a professional relationship with the gentlemen assigned to his delivery and recycle work crew. He is able to get to know the men well and learn their likes and dislikes to help promote self-expression, so he can effectively assess their vocational abilities. 

John is patient, caring, knowledgeable, ethical, proactive, collaborative, directable and a great role model. John promotes a positive atmosphere; he is able to instruct individuals and support staff to ensure optimal learning and independence. His customer service skills are also astounding. For example, we have a resident who can be very complicated. John takes the time to calm this individual down, give him all his attention and just spend time talking to him to find out what’s really going on, bringing him down to reality and helping him to understand expectations.

I’ve witnessed this over and over with John. John consistently goes above and beyond his assigned job duties. John makes himself available to participate in other activities outside his work crew. He is always willing to lend a hand, help with a scheduled activity or work a residential shift. Other team members request John when planning their group outings. 

He just helps people, even when they’re not in his group. He’s very calm and reassuring. He’s able to get the people in his group to an emotionally and physically safe place so they can earn money, feel accomplished and have a good day.

John is always flexible, always has a positive attitude. When you ask him for help, he says: ‘I’m there, I’m going. Whatever you need.’” 

Thank you for your service, John, and congratulations on your People Helping People Award!