Congrats to "People Who Help People" Award Winner Andrea Berger

In honor of Public Service Recognition Week, we are recognizing five CDHS staffers with People Who Help People awards. Today’s honoree is Andrea Berger, Youth Corrections Officer III at Gilliam Youth Services Center. Congratulations, Andrea!

About Andrea

Since joining CDHS in December 2010, Andrea has steadily worked her way up the ranks at Gilliam Youth Services Center. She is now a Youth Corrections Officer III, which is a formal supervisory role.

What Andrea’s Colleagues Say About Her

“Have you ever met an individual who is truly selfless? I mean truly selfless in every aspect possible? An individual that brings greatness out in others, and the wishes and needs of others always come first and foremost?  I get the distinct pleasure of working alongside such an amazing individual -- Andrea Berger -- on a daily basis.  

Andrea is a kind and gentle spirit. She is much like the mother everyone would want to have, as she nurtures everyone. Andrea has dedicated her life to working with at-risk youth, and she is simply amazing with them. She has a passion and commitment to help others that is infectious once you meet her.  

Andrea is graceful in her approach, and can make any child feel safe, loved and cared for in the most gentle of ways, considering she works in a detention center. There is not a child that she does not know by first name and, in some small or big way, helped their stay at Gilliam be a little better and brighter.  

If you are sad, Andrea will cheer you up somehow -- and that is a promise. She will offer you a creative task to complete or a stuffed animal to cuddle with at night to make your stay that much safer. Maybe you lose a tooth and are worried the “tooth fairy” won’t find you. Don’t worry: Andrea will make sure there is a note under your pillow when you wake up from the tooth fairy. These are the simple problems, but she will also, without hesitation, counsel you on life’s big problems, as well.

Andrea can melt the heart of the toughest gang member you have ever met and motivate them to change their life for the better.  She even gets them to bake gingerbread cookies and make holiday decorations with lots of glitter.   

Andrea has also done extensive work to support the Five Points neighborhood. Every year she ensures that the facility participates in the Angel Tree project locally. Last year alone, Gilliam sponsored 38 families and ensured their children received Christmas gifts. This infectious spirit goes a long way. I must say that Andrea treats her staff much the same with passion, dignity, trust, support and respect. She will motivate you to be the best at your job and life. She will also support your dreams and goals. These are rare qualities to find in a boss. She truly embodies the model of superior service to the people of Colorado through the three Es: Efficient, Effective and Elegant.”

Thank you for your service, Andrea, and congratulations on your People Helping People Award!