CMHIP to be Recognized as Pueblo Community College Partner

The Colorado Mental Health Institute at Pueblo (CMHIP) will be recognized by Pueblo Community College (PCC) with one of the first Community Partners in Action awards during a Donor Appreciation Dinner on Nov. 3. CMHIP has worked with PCC as a teaching facility for decades, and recent efforts and growing partnership led to this recognition.

Recently CMHIP provided PCC with one full-time employee (FTE) as a clinical lead to ensure there were enough instructors for nursing clinicals, and the hospital provided funding for a position in PCC’s Simulation Lab. In exchange, eight current CMHIP staff and registered nurse (RN) candidates are given spots in the highly competitive PCC RN program.

Because these individuals already work at CMHIP, a good chance exists that they’ll stay at CMHIP when they graduate, helping CMHIP build and retain its workforce. In addition, the CMHIP employee who serves as the clinical lead trains all RN students and can convey what it means to work at CMHIP and recruit future staff.