Announcing the Denver Community-Based Enhanced Restoration (CBER) Pilot Program

In December, a collaborative effort involving the Office of Behavioral Health, Mental Health Center of Denver and Denver Community Corrections/Pre-Trial Services will result in the launch of a pilot program that will expand the population currently served by community-based competency restoration. The goal of this program is to divert individuals who are diagnosed with severe persistent mental illness that have been found incompetent to proceed and are at risk of multiple psychiatric hospitalizations, incarcerations or substantial homelessness, to a highly supportive community-based program.

This pilot program will serve up to 30 individuals over the next six months. The program shall offer the Assertive Community Treatment model providing intensive case management, counseling/therapy, crisis services, and linkage to basic needs including housing, benefits acquisition and management and continuity of care, supportive employment, healthcare, psychiatry, nursing and peer support in addition to competency restoration education.

For more information on the program details contact Kathryn Davis at