Accomplishments From a New Perspective

New Perspective

In February, seventeen youth and staff headed out of Grand Mesa Youth Services Center to take an exhilarating adventure in the Book Cliffs of Mesa County. A celebration of nine youth reaching high status within the program by demonstrating positive behavior throughout the month is why eight staff, several on their day off, were excited to lead the day's activities. 



The high altitude, crisp clean air, amazing views, and camaraderie throughout the day kept the group active and pushing together towards a goal--to summit Mount Garfield. The team hiked over four miles, climbed over 2,000 vertical feet and challenged themselves physically and mentally to successfully summit the tallest mountain in the Grand Valley. The youth learned the value of teamwork, persistence, dedication and work ethic -- all of which they needed to get them to where they are today. Each of the youth were able to see their hard work pay off by not only enjoying spectacular views, but by also being able to overlook the entire valley where they could see their accomplishments from a new perspective. 

GMYSC staff from left: Shea Nolan, Rudy Torres, Seth Tinsley, Vanessa Glasoe-Triplett, Autumn Sjolund, Anthony Marah, Zac Herrera, and Ruben Sandoval