Strategic Individualized Remediation Treatment (STIRT) Program

The Strategic Individualized Remediation Treatment (STIRT) program is a continuum of care that includes short-term residential treatment and outpatient treatment for both men and women, 18 years of age or older, involved in the criminal justice system and at risk of returning to jail or prison due to technical violations of probation, parole, or other conditions of release.

The program is comprised of a short-term residential treatment episode followed by six to nine months of community-based services. In addition to substance use and mental health treatment services, participants can take advantage of assistance with transportation, some medication needs, help with reconnecting to family, and engagement in positive social and leisure activities.

In 2018, the program name changed from Short Term Intensive Residential Remediation (STIRRT) to Strategic Individualized Remediation Treatment (STIRT) to reflect that this is a continuum of care, not just a short-term residential program.