House Bill 18-1065


Employees Who Have Harmed Vulnerable Persons

Bill Draft  |  Fact Sheet  |  Fiscal Note

Who is sponsoring this bill?

Representative Susan Beckman, Representative Janet Buckner and Senator Kent Lambert

Why is HB18-1065 needed?

Currently, the Colorado Department of Human Services (CDHS) is prevented by law from hiring someone who has a finding of abuse or neglect on their record. Yet, in certain instances, CDHS has been unable to terminate employees who receive such a finding while they are employed at a state facility. 

What will HB18-1065 do?

  • Keep vulnerable clients safer from employees who engage in mistreatment, abuse, neglect or exploitation;
  • Allow the appointing authority to take appropriate disciplinary action;
  • Change the statute so the safety of clients in 24/7 facilities in Colorado is a top priority.

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For more information on the Colorado Children's Trust Fund or HB 18-1065, contact

Riley Kitts
Colorado Department of Human Services
Legislative Liaison