Juvenile Parole Board

The mission of the Colorado Juvenile Parole Board is to promote public safety by using statutory criteria in the best interest of the juvenile and victim when reintegrating the juvenile into the community.

The Colorado Juvenile Parole Board is authorized to grant, deny, modify, suspend, or revoke, and specify conditions of parole for all juvenile delinquents adjudicated to CDHS. The youth's parole time is established pursuant to Colorado Revised Statutes sections 19-2-909(1),(b), 19-2-921(6), and 19-2-1002(5)(a). The standard mandatory parole period is six months. However, in some instances the law authorizes the Board to extend the youth's parole for up to a maximum of 21 months. The parole decisions must be made in accordance with the best interest of the juvenile and the public, pursuant to C.R.S. 19-2-207.

Hearing Calendar



The Colorado Juvenile Parole Board is composed of nine members, including five citizen members and four state agency representatives. All board members are appointed by the Governor and confirmed by the Colorado State Senate. Of the five citizen members, one must be a resident of the Western Slope of Colorado.

Name Representation Expiration Date
James Newby Department of Labor and Employment 11-15-21
Kaye Hotsenpiller Public member at large from Western Slope 11-15-21
Bradford Geiger Public member 11-15-21
Margaret "Meg" Williams Department of Public Safety 11-15-21
VACANT Public member 11-15-21
Rachael Lovendahl Department of Education 11-15-18
Karen Wilmes Public member 11-15-18
Margaret Brewington Wright Public member 11-15-18
Gretchen Russo Department of Human Services 11-15-18