Institutional Abuse Review Team

The Institution Administrative Review Team (IART) is a citizen review panel that is required by the Child Abuse Prevention and Treatment Act (CAPTA) (P.L. 111-320).  IART was created to review Institutional Assessments to determine whether the county conducted a thorough assessment, provide technical assistance and coaching to facilities and county staff, provide feedback to the counties through the child welfare case management system, and provide the county who completed the assessment with guidance on the missing information.  IART is required to submit a report for inclusion in Colorado’s Annual Progress and Services Report (APSR).

IART meets the fourth Friday of the month at various locations throughout the state. There are 29 regular members assigned to IART. Membership includes representation from: county partners (large, medium and small counties); Colorado Department of Human Services (Division of Child Welfare, Division of Youth Corrections, and the Office of Behavioral Health); Colorado State Foster Parent Association (CSFPA); Child Placement Agencies (CPAs); staff from residential child care facilities (RCCF); and the medical community