Division of Youth Services- Community Boards

The Division of Youth Services Community Boards (Board) were created pursuant to Section 19-2-203.5 and House Bill 17-1329 and consists of six members per region appointed by the Governor. The Regions consist of Western, Northeast, Southern and Central Colorado.  The Community Board was created to promote transparency and community involvement in the Division Facilities within the region, provide opportunities for youths to build positive relationships with adult role models, and promote youth involvement in the community.  Each Community Board shall meet at least once every three months. A management level employee from each facility in each region shall attend the meetings of their Regional Community Board.  During these meetings the Division of Youth Services shall update the Community Board regarding new policies, practices, and programs affecting the region and any issues of concern in the region during the past quarter.  The Division shall allow board members to have periodic access to enter Facilities in their regions on at least a quarterly basis and speak with youth and staff, unless an emergency prevents such access.


Central Region

Northeast Region

Southern Region 

Western Region