Colorado Improving Outcomes for Youth Task Force

Colorado, in partnership with the Council of State Governments (CSG) Justice Center to undertake a bipartisan, inter-branch and data-driven effort to complete a comprehensive review of Colorado’s juvenile justice system, enhancing public safety and improving outcomes for youth. 

The Improving Outcomes for Youth Statewide Task Force (IOYouth), includes lawmakers, judges, state and local juvenile justice leaders, and other stakeholders. Gov. Hickenlooper has designated Sen. Gardner and Rep. Lee as co-chairs.

The CSG Justice Center, a nonprofit, nonpartisan organization, will conduct the analysis of Colorado’s juvenile justice system, including data analysis as well as focus groups and interviews with local agency officials, prosecutors, defense attorneys, judges, law enforcement, probation staff, community-based providers, and youth and families impacted by the system across the state. 

Over the next six months, the CSG Justice Center will present its key findings to the inter-branch task force, whose members will ultimately be responsible for coming to consensus on legislative changes for improving the system. These changes will be introduced in Colorado’s 2019 legislative session. IOYouth is a project of the National Reentry Resource Center supported by the U.S. Department of Justice. 


  • First Meeting of Task Force - May 14, 2018 - 2PM @ Ralph Carr Building
  • Second Meeting of Task Force - July 23, 2018 - 1PM @ Ralph Carr Building 
  • Third Meeting of Task Force - September 6, 2018 - 10AM @ CDOT HQ, 2829 W. Howard Pl., Denver, CO, 80204
  • Fourth Meeting of Task Force - October 31, 2018 - 9AM @ 2829 W Howard Pl, Denver, CO, 80204


Name Title Organization
Adam Zarrin Policy Advisor Colorado Governor's Office
Anders Jacobson Director Division of Youth Services
Ann Gail Meinster Honorable 1st Judicial District Court
Arnold Hanuman Deputy Director CO District Attorneys' Council
Barrie Newberger-King Public Defender CO State Public Defender
Bill Kilpatrick Chief City of Golden
Bob Gardner State Senator CO Senate
Brian Boatright Justice CO Supreme Court
Chris Ryan State Court Administrator CO Judicial Branch
Dafna Michaelson-Jenet State Representative CO House of Representatives
Daniel Makelky Director Douglas County Human Services
Elise Logemann Chair CO Bar Association, Juvenile Law Section
Emily Humphrey Assistant District Attorney 8th Judicial District
Jenifer Morgen Chief Probation Officer 17th Judicial District
Julie DeNicola Owner Stepping Stones Advocacy
Lanie Meyers Mireles Director Prowers County Human Services
Leslie Gerbracht Honorable 3rd Judicial District Court
Sheri Danz Deputy Director Office of the Child Representative
Lindsey Sandoval Juvenile Justice Social Worker CO State Public Defender
Meg Williams Manager CO Juvenile Parole Board, Office of Adult and Juvenile Justice Assistance
Mike O'Rourke Chief Probation Officer 11st Judicial District
Paul Lundeen State Representative CO House of Representatives
Pete Lee State Representative CO House of Representatives
Rebecca Gleason Senior Deputy District Attorney 18th Judicial District
Reggie Bicha Executive Director CO Department of Human Services
Stacie Colling Juvenile Defense Coordinate Alternate Defense Counsel
Will Hays Executive Director Hilltop Community Resources Inc.
Jeff Cuneo Executive Director CO Juvenile Defender Center
Rebecca Wallace Staff Attorney American Civil Liberties Union of Colorado 
Jovan Melton State Representative CO House of Representatives