Colorado Commission on Low-Income Energy Assistance

The Colorado Commission on Low-Income Energy Assistance is responsible for coordinating the State’s low-income energy assistance services pursuant to C.R.S.§ 40-8.5-103.5 and Executive Order D 026 07. The task of the Commission is to assure that energy assistance services are efficiently delivered to Colorado’s low-income households; thereby minimizing the financial burden and maintaining health and safety for the state’s most vulnerable citizens.    

The Commission is comprised of eleven members who are appointed by the Governor to serve two year terms.  Members include representatives of private sector, public sector and consumers.  The Colorado Commission on Low- Income Energy Assistance meets four times a year. 




Name Representation Term Expiration
Hannah Ahrendt Private Sector 12-2-19
David Hueser Private Sector 12-2-19
Aaron Martinez Private Sector 12-2-19
Enrique Hernandez Private Sector 12-2-19
Heidi Morgan Private Sector 12-2-19
Gillian Weaver Consumer 12-2-18
Joseph Pereira Colorado Energy Office 12-2-18
Kathryn La Coste Consumer 12-2-18
Mary Loux Public Member 12-2-18
Geneva Lottie Public Member 12-2-18
Lena Wilson Colorado Department of Human Services POG