Colorado Commission on Low Income Energy Assistance

The Colorado Commission on Low-Income Energy Assistance is responsible for coordinating the State’s low-income energy assistance services pursuant to C.R.S.§ 40-8.5-103.5 and Executive Order D 026 07. The task of the Commission is to assure that energy assistance services are efficiently delivered to Colorado’s low-income households; thereby minimizing the financial burden and maintaining health and safety for the state’s most vulnerable citizens.    




Name Representation Term Expiration
Hannah Ahrendt Private Sector 12-2-19
David Hueser Private Sector 12-2-19
Aaron Martinez Private Sector 12-2-19
Enrique Hernandez Private Sector 12-2-19
Heidi Morgan Private Sector 12-2-19
Gillian Shaw Consumer 12-2-18
Joseph Pereira Colorado Energy Office 12-2-18
Kathryn La Coste Consumer 12-2-18
Mary Loux Public Member 12-2-18
Geneva Lottie Public Member 12-2-18
Lena Wilson Colorado Department of Human Services POG